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Fee Schedule

Savings Account Fees:

Share account membership fee:


Par value of one share:


Returned Item Fee:

$29.00 per item

Share Draft Account Fees:

Overdraft Fee:

$29.00 per item

Returned Item Fee:

$29.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee:

$15.00 per request effective July 1st, 2009

Share Draft Printing:

prices may vary

Copy of Draft:

$4.00 per item

Other Services and Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Account Reconcilement fee:

$15.00 per hr (min $15.00) effective July 1st, 2009

Account Research fee:

$15.00 per hr (min $15.00) effective July 1st, 2009

Statement copy fee:

$1.00/page; $ 5 min effective July 1st, 2009

Deposited item return fee:

$29.00 per item effective July 1st, 2009

Wire Transfer: (outgoing)


$20.00 per transfer effective July 1st, 2009


$45.00 per transfer effective July 1st, 2009

Coin Machine Fee

Member 1% of coin counted
Non-member 7% of coin counted

Legal Process Fee:

$35.00 Per Item

Bill Pay Service :

$4.95 Per Month

Fax Services:

$5.00 (first page) and
$1 per page thereafter

Debit Card transfer fee:

$15.00 per transfer

Returned Mail:

$5.00 Per Item (Paper and Electronic mail) effective July 1st, 2009

Debit or Credit Card replacement:


Under Par Fee Value:

$10.00 (Per month after 90 days below minimum balance) effective July 1st, 2009

Dormant Account Fee:

$10.00 (Per month charged after 2 years) effective July 1st, 2009

Foreign Currency Conversion Rate Fee

$10.00 (Above the fee charged by the converting institution)

Debit Card Personalized Pin

$1.00 per Card

Pin Mailer

$5.00 Each

Offical Check Printing Fee

$1.00 per item

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