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Savings Disclosure

  • Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts
    Funds must remain on deposit to maturity in order to earn the stated annual percentage yield. For Christmas Club accounts, fees could reduce the earnings on the acccount.

  • For all accounts listed except Vacation Clubs
    The dividend rates are subject to change on a calendar quarter basis (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st)

  • For all accounts listed
    The annual percentage yield stated is accurate as of 1/1/2010, and may change at the end of each calendar quarter.

  • For Change to Primary Share Savings, Ambassador Share, Postal Pup Share, and All Share Draft Accounts
    A $10.00 minimum deposit is required to open these accounts. In addition there is a $1.00 nonrefundable membership fee that is also due when an account is opened.

  • For Share Savings, Ambassador Shares, Postal Pup Shares and Share draft Checking accounts
    Overdraft fees, ($29.00 per item) could reduce the earnings on these accounts.

  • For Share and Share Draft Account, Excluding Postal Pups
    Effective April 1, 2002 members must maintain a minimum daily principal balance in their share account of $10.00 in order to earn the stated Annual Percentage Yield on the account.

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